“As the world becomes more connected, we somehow find our humanity more elusive. Meaning gets lost in streams of data, and no search engine can find our purpose. Azure is a beacon to those seeking a signal of meaning and a powerful antidote to inauthenticity. She relentlessly reminds us who we are, why we are here, and what we can do together. She is the voice of our time.”

– Mark Bonchek



Called "the Maya Angelou of the Millennial generation,” Azure Antoinette is a commissioned poet, entrepreneur, and millennial and arts education advocate. Azure is the founder and CEO of The Aalchemik Collective, a creative talent incubator which houses Aalchemik: An Apparel Company, a free-trade clothing line centered around positive messaging and the human ability to be both passionate and indecisive; Aalchemik Press, an independent publishing house for poetry and narrative literary work; and EGAMI Collective, a visual art incubator curated to support urban photography, graffiti, muralist and street art. 




Azure is also the creator and founder of the official non-profit of The Aalchemik Collective, STUDIO: alchemy. STUDIO: alchemy is an arts education organization, which responds to the call for artistic opportunity and seeks to make a difference in a generation where arts education have been neglected. The goal of STUDIO: alchemy is to provide young millennials, ages 15-22, with the opportunity to discover their own passions from a team of celebrated teaching artists. For these projects and many others, she was included in Forbes's “100 Most Powerful Women in the World,” issue in 2012 and was featured in a special section titled "Women Helping Women."